Some friendly comments.

Just what is the attraction for those groundhoppers who tick grounds for friendlies , they cream themselves when they see the likes of Bull & Bladder Sunday Reserves FC are playing ‘Gets on my Wick FC’ at Giles Field pitch 17 on Sunday morning at 10-00 , this will enable a double when they’ve negotiated with other local pub sides.

If there is a programme being issued then that would add at least another 20 paper cuddlers.

Crunchers will watch owt, anything / anywhere / any rules I choose ( that suit themselves of course )  just for a tick , sounded like a ‘Who’ track for a moment.

Oh , how it makes me smile when these people write about their hobby and say things like they went back to so and so because they only did it for a PSF / Reserve / Yoof etc game , WHY go in the first place ?  Then they go on the defensive by saying things like ”Those who care about what other people count as a tick will be relieved to learn that I subsequently returned for a first team game”.

What pleasure / satisfaction is achieved watching 2 x 30 / 40 min games / etc  , Club XI’s or as penned by Miss Pitstop Club XXII’S, Tournaments that have their own rules including finishing games early if referee feels like it. Games kicking off early / late , one cruncher fortunately was early enough to be at a game that was 45 mins early kicking off.

A few snippets from so many – Tuesday July 16th in the Frimley Green v Met Police PSF the teams kicked in the same direction in both halves.

My favourite though for this season was the Coggleshall v Ipswich U23 game on Sat July 13th where the teams informed the referee when he turned up that they would like to play 3 x 30 mins , referee said no to this saying it’s more than his jobsworth ( Freudian slip there). So the teams decided to play 2 x 30 mins with the official ref and then another 30 with a club referee . FFS . Two games in records then guys  ?

One punter had a choice of 2 such MM games , so how did he choose which to watch , was it quality of teams , NO he decided that because the tea bar was open at only one he would go there !!

27/07. Wyrley v Coven , ref finished it early it was getting a bit rough.

One hopper when writing up his match reports uses words to cover up it being a PSF such as  cracking game, highly competitive, enjoyable game, good company , definitely worth a watch, really enjoyed, a watchable contest and then if really struggling some nice trees.

There was a prestigious PSF  on August 3rd with a rare opportunity to visit Peel Croft , Burton , at 12-00 it is Netherseal St Peter v Garth Vader (Groundhop UK’s adopted Sunday League side). Edit – it was changed but Garth are still about playing to the unwashed.

A programme is available so I  imagine some very sad people will watch that and follow it up with another tick elsewhere.

I’m so glad I don’t do Micky Mouse friendlies , so glad that I never need more than one hop game of grounds I want to visit  ( 3 of such coming up in Beds however  , all in lower divs FFS, ) so glad I don’t do childrens , schoolies , yoofs , reserves , womens . It’s such a relief I don’t have to meet up with these people.

To finish off (nearly) , the amount of people I know / have heard of that are going to the ‘International Champions Cup’ game at Tottenham versus Inter Milan this coming Sunday Aug 4th is staggering.

People are happy to spend good money on a meaningless friendly in what I am sure will be a light hearted kick about. All this just to get their tick of a ground , some citing to top up their ’92’.  Surely this game is not counted in the eyes of the original rules of the ’92’ club. It really does show how far this hobby has sunk and the amount of people with no ethics has grown. Really is pathetic. All in my opinion of course , sure some / most of you reading this will disagree with me.

There are far too many groundhoppers that have no real interest in the football , it’s all tick, tick , tick. So many who know how long it’s been since their last 0-0 , so many who don’t show up if there is no programme , so many who know their GPG to the 11th decimal place , so many who don’t stop talking , telling all and sundry where they’ve been / going etc , so many who say they don’t watch Sunday football ( but will happily watch Sunday teams in Charity Cups) , so many who will tell all where they’ve been drinking before a game and where their going afterwards for a drink (Drivers as well).,

So many parasites who glean a fountain of knowledge off the many websites dedicated to the hobby without giving anything back ,  disillusioned , YES I am but it wont stop me watching FIRST TEAM MALE OPEN AGED COMPETITIVE FOOTBALL at all levels.

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