That other Canadian League / FA.

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These are the ‘Canadian Soccer League’ (CSL) –  Canadian Soccer League logo.png



Plus the Soccer Federation of Canada (SC) – No photo description available.

Both are not recognised by FIFA or CONCACAF.

The league considers itself alongside League 1 Ontario and the Premiere Ligue de Soccer du Quebec at a level just below the new ‘Canadian Premier League’ for 2019 season , it’s been a well established league in the Ontario / Quebec area for many years.

Starting life as the ‘National Soccer League’ (NSL) between 1926 – 1993  then becoming the ‘Canadian National Soccer League (CNSL)  between 1994 – 1997 and then the Canadian Professional Soccer League ( CPSL) between 1998 – 2005 and finally becoming the ‘CSL’ in 2006.

The league were originally affiliated to the ‘Canadian Soccer Association’. (CSA) , this association being a member of FIFA & CONCACAF but after accusations of money laundering / match fixing between 2009 and 2013 they were finally expelled from the  ‘CSA’ in 2013 with violation of rules and regulations given as the reason , they were given a one year stay of execution after many appeals to allow teams and the league to sort themselves out.

There was no improvement to the league during 2013 season and the league  joined the newly formed ‘SFC’ in time to start the 2014 season. The acceptance into the ‘SFC’ is purely insurance cover against personal injury liability , there is no football accountability / governance by the ‘SFC’.

There was one game proven to have been fixed , that was the Trois-Rivieres Attak against Toronto Croatia fixture on September 12, 2009 with £13,000 allegedly being paid in bribes to Toronto Croatia player Antonijo Zupan to share with team mates to ensure losing to Attak , during the game Zupan missed a penalty that would have made it 2-2.  Attak eventually won 4-1.

Many more games  in Canada and elsewhere were  looked at by the  Royal Canadian Mounted Police , Interpol & the Canadian Gaming Commission .

6 members of a German on line betting group were jailed at Bochum court with the 2 leaders Marijo Cvrtak and Ante Sapina both getting a 5 and a half years jail sentence , this was for and including the Canadian case and many other football games including a World Cup 2010 qualifier between Lichtenstein and Finland in Sept 2009 where the referee Bosnian Novo Panic was bribed to ensure 2 second half goals , the second of which was a disputed penalty.

These cases were amongst the 200 odd games alleged to have been fixed by the group.

I saw 3 games in the NSL in 1979 , those at London City v Bradford Marshlanders 2-0, ( 02/07) , Toronto Ukrania v Bradford Marshlanders 1-1, (09/07) & Montreal Stars v Bradford Marshlanders 5-0, (14/07) and I have no recollection of anything untoward happening during the games  , but then  I also can’t remember what happened yesterday !

One thing I do remember was an ex Stockport County pro Tommy Henderson playing for Bradford , he was amazed when I struck up a conversation with him at the first of those games , in Montreal he accused me of stalking him when having a post match drink on the team coach back to Toronto.

The league went down from 16 clubs in 2012 to 12 when teams jumped ship for the 2013 season , first to go before the start of the 2013 season were the Academy sides of FC Toronto and of Montreal Impact.

Montreal finished second in the top div league season and reached the Play/Off Final  losing to Divisional champions Toronto Croatia 1-0 in the P/O Final . This final was played on a wet / windy Sunday afternoon at Centennial Stadium , Etobicoke in front of only 200 spectators.

Toronto had won the 2nd division league  season but then they lost out in their first play off game in the Q-F’s at home to Mississauga Eagles ‘B’ 2-0.

The teams had to be wary of being involved in what was / is a ”pirate’ league / Association.

Allegations of match fixing were still rife and before season 2016 started  the Royal Canadian Mounted Police became involved in February 2016 in investigations  which led to  all league games in season 2016 being monitored by league officials for odd events !

The league is still going and as mentioned it considers itself just below the Canadian Premier League.


Quote from Francesca Baranca in 2016  , General Sec of Federbet a company that monitors sports gambling –

“The Canadian Soccer League is a disaster, many bookmakers will not touch the league but when they do allow betting, the games are suspicious.  In 2016, we still see crazy odds movements that makes us think that a lot of games are fixed.”



Constitution for 2019.


Div 1. (May-Oct).


Brantford Galaxy @ Heritage Green Turf , 447 1st Rd W, Stoney Creek.

CSC Mississauga @ Hershey Centre (AKA Paramount Fine Foods),5500 Rose Cherry Place, Mississauga.

FC Vorkuta @ Ontario Soccer Centre, 7601 Martin Grove Rd, Vaughan.

Hamilton City @ Heritage Green Turf , 447 1st Rd W, Stoney Creek.

Kingsman S C @ Esther Shiner Stadium, 99, 1 Ailsa Craig Ct, North York.

CS Real Mississauga @ Huron Park Recreation Centre, 830 Paisley bvrd W, Mississauga.

SC Waterloo @ RIM Park, 2001 University Ave E, Waterloo.

Scarborough FC @ Birchmount Stadium, 93 Birchmount Rd, Scarborough.

Serbian White Eagles @ Centennial Stadium , 256 Centennial Park Rd, Etobicoke.

Ukraine United @ Centennial Stadium , 256 Centennial Park Rd, Etobicoke.


Div 2. ( June – Sept).


Consists of 6 Reserve teams , Brantford Galaxy, CSC Mississauga, Hamilton City, Kingsman, Serbian White Eagles & Vorkuta.





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