July 24 , 2019. Some friendly comments.

July 17 , 2019. North America Tour June July 2019.

June 17 , 2019 = UEFA 55 top tier to do. 2019/20.

June 11 , 2019 = Pinksteren 2019 and its KNVB District Finals.

June 7 , 2019 = In the beginning.

May 29 ,2019  = United States of America Soccer Pyramid 2019. ( My take).

May 25 , 2019  =  Georgia on my mind.

May 10 , 2019  = North America Tour 1.

May 4 , 2019  = Artificial pitches in the U K, 2018/19.

May 2 , 2019  = That other Canadian League / F A.

April 26 , 2019  = Scotland Summer Leagues. 2019.

April 26 , 2019  = ‘O Canada’.

April 26= Canada, below the Canadian Professional Soccer League.


April 14 , 2019  = Sunday April 14th.Leinster Day Jolly.


April 13 , 2019  = Baltics Tour.

April 10 , 2019  = Connacht football , 2019.

April 9 , 2019  = Baltic Updates.

April 8 , 2019  = Baltic Countries Stadiums  Season 2019.

March 27 , 2019  = Hod in Oz & NZ.

March 27, 2019 =  Still trying to get my head around this site, it’s difficult for a dinosaur with no social media experience. Also lacking in computer knowledge. Bear with me.

March 27, 2019  = The journey begins.


Some friendly comments.

Just what is the attraction for those groundhoppers who tick grounds for friendlies , they cream themselves when they see the likes of Bull & Bladder Sunday Reserves FC are playing ‘Gets on my Wick FC’ at Giles Field pitch 17 on Sunday morning at 10-00 , this will enable a double when they’ve negotiated with other local pub sides.

If there is a programme being issued then that would add at least another 10 paper cuddlers.

Crunchers will watch owt, anything / anywhere / any rules just for a tick , sounded like a ‘Who’ track for a moment.

What pleasure / satisfaction is achieved watching 2 x 40 min games , Club XI’s or as penned by Miss Pitstop Club XXII’S, Tournaments that have their own rules including finishing game early if referee feels like it. Games kicking off early / late , one cruncher fortunately was early enough to be at a game that was 45 mins early kicking off.

Tuesday July 16th in the Frimley Green v Met Police PSF the teams kicked in the same direction in both halves.

My favourite though for this season was the Coggleshall v Ipswich U23 game on Sat July 13th where the teams informed the referee when he turned up that they would like to play 3 x 30 mins , referee said no to this saying it’s more than his jobsworth ( Freudian slip there). So the teams decided to play 2 x 30 mins with the official ref and then another 30 with a club referee . FFS.

One punter had a choice of 2 such MM games , so how did he choose which to watch , was it quality of teams , NO he decided that because the tea bar was open at only one he would go there !!

27/07. Wyrley v Coven , ref finished it early it was getting a bit rough.

One hopper when writing up his match reports uses words to cover up it being a PSF, cracking game, highly competitive, enjoyable game, definitely worth a watch, really enjoyed, a watchable contest and then if really struggling some nice trees.

There is a prestigious PSF coming up on August 3rd with a rare opportunity to visit Peel Croft , Burton , at 12-00 it is Netherseal St Peter v Garth Vader (Groundhop UK’s adopted Sunday League side).

A programme is available so I  imagine some very sad people will watch that and follow it up with another tick elsewhere.

I’m so glad I don’t do Micky Mouse friendlies , so glad that I never need more than one hop game ( 3 x coming up in Beds however  , all in lower divs FFS, ) so glad I don’t do childrens , schoolies , yoofs , reserves , womens . It’s such a relief I don’t have to meet up with these people.

To finish off (nearly) , the amount of people I know / have heard of that are going to the ‘International Champions Cup’ game at Tottenham versus Inter Milan this coming Sunday Aug 4th is staggering.

People are happy to spend good money on a meaningless friendly in what I am sure will be a light hearted kick about. All this just to get their tick of a ground , some citing to top up their ’92’.  Surely this game is not counted in the eyes of the original rules of the ’92’ club. It really does show how far this hobby has sunk and the amount of people with no ethics has grown. Really is pathetic. All in my opinion of course , sure some / most of you reading this will disagree with me.

There are far too many groundhoppers that have no real interest in the football , it’s all tick, tick , tick. So many who know how long it’s been since their last 0-0 , so many who don’t show up if there is no programme , so many who know their GPG to the 11th decimal place , so many who don’t stop talking , telling all and sundry where they’ve been / going etc , so many who say they don’t watch Sunday football ( but will happily watch Sunday teams in Charity Cups) , so many who will tell all where they’ve been drinking before a game and where their going afterwards for a drink (Drivers as well) , so many parasites who glean a fountain of knowledge off the many websites dedicated to the hobby without giving anything back ,  disillusioned , YES I am but it wont stop me watching FIRST TEAM MALE OPEN AGED COMPETITIVE FOOTBALL at all levels.

North America Tour June July 2019.


Image result for canada flag photos

Wednesday June 26.

File:Aer Lingus Airbus A330-200 EI-EWR "Tomás" (23613272238).jpg

Wed June 26, 2019  @ 19-30.

MLS ( Eastern Conference).

New England Revolution 1 v  1 Philadelphia Union.

@ Gillette Stadium.


Gillette Stadium - Foxborough, Massachusetts


Thursday June 27, 2019  @ 21-00.

League1 Ontario.

Sigma 2 v 2 Woodbridge Strikers.

@ Paramount Fine Foods Centre ( ex Hershey).

Image result for paramount soccer centre toronto photos


Friday June 28, 2019  @ 19-00.

NPSL. Midwest Region. ( Gt Lakes Conference).

Michigan Stars 3 v 1 FC Indiana.

@ Ultimate Soccer Arenas , Pontiac. (Indoors).

Image result for ultimate indoor soccer pontiac


Saturday June 29 , 2019 @ 15-00.

MLS ( Eastern Conference).

Minnesota Utd 7 v 1 FC Cincinnati.

@ Allians Field.




UPSL. West Conference. ( West Div).

Turbo Sports 2 v 2 Dakota Young Stars.

@ Spartans Stadium , Richfield HS.

athletic field


Sunday , June 30, 2019 @ 14-00.

NPSL. Midwest Region. ( North Conference).

Med City 5 v 0 Dakota Fusion.

@ Mayo High School.


Monday , July 1, 2019 @ 18-30.

NPSL. South Region. ( Southeast Div)

Inter Nashville 3 v 0 Greenville.

@ International Indoor Soccer Centre, Antioch Pike. (Outdoors)

.No photo description available.


Tuesday , July 2, 2019 @ 20-00.

UPSL Midwest Conference. ( South Div).

Springfield FC 2 v 2 FC Diablos.

Image result for sasa complex springfield photos

@ Springfield Area Sports Association  Complex.


Wednesday July 3 , 2019  19-30.

MLS. (Western Conference).

Sporting Kansas 1 v 5 Los Angeles FC.

@ Childrens Mercy Park.




Thursday , July 4 , 2019.

Fireworks & Church Brew Beers.

Image result for church brew works bottles


Friday , July 5 , 2019 @ 19-00.

NPSL. Midwest Region. ( Gt Lakes Conference).

FC Columbus 1 v 2 Kalamazoo.

@ Roberts Field , Wellington HS.

Image result for Roberts Field at The Wellington School photos


Saturday , July 6 , 2019 @ 19-30.

MLS. ( Eastern Conference).

Cincinnati FC 3 V 2 Houston Dynamo.

@ Nippert Stadium.



Sunday , July 7 ,2019 @ 14-00.

NPSL. Midwest Region. ( East Conference).

FC Buffalo 1 v 1 Rochester Lancers.

@ Robert E Rich ”All High Stadium”.

Related image

& .


Buffalo & District. Premier Div .

Pendleton Utd 1 v 1 BSC International.

@ Panthers Field, Sweet Home HS.

Image result for panthers field sweet home



Buffalo & District. Premier Div.

BSC Raiders 3 v 0 Lackawanna FCY.

@ Sparky Adams Field, Kenmore East HS.

Image may contain: outdoor


Monday , July 8, 2019 @ 20-45.

Ontario Soccer League. (Provincial West).

Lakeshore Utd 4 v 2 Mississauga Portofino.

@ Huron Park , Grass.

Photo of Huron Park Recreation Centre - Mississauga, ON, Canada. Soccer Field


Tuesday , July 9, 2019 @ 20-30.

Ontario Soccer League. ( Provincial South).

Brampton FC 1 V 1 Mississauga Croatia.

@ Jean Augustine Stadium.

Image result for jean augustine stadium photos


Wednesday , July 10 , 2019 @ 19-30.

Canada Championship. QF. (1st leg).

York9 FC 2 v  2 Montreal Impact.

@ York Lions Stadium.


Well after swerving the new Canadian Premier League because of their rules re the starting line up / squad system I thought I’d have a peek at the Canadian Championship , I’ve followed it and the US Open Cup from afar for a fair few years and have now sampled both.

Both follow the trend of domestic cups in the rest of the world and bigger clubs tend to give all the squad players a game , this game at York was no different in that Impact rested 6 of their previous MLS weekend starting line up with 4 of them on the bench.

So off to York9 FC it was , they are named after the 9 districts of the area of York in Toronto , they are newly formed and were the first team to enter the new Premier League . Initially they had planned to play at the Alumni Field at York University campus while the York Lions Stadium on the same campus was brought up to speed. This was speedier than at first thought and with them being   given 3 away games to start the season , this resulted in  kicking off the home league campaign at Lions Stadium with a game against local Hamilton rivals Forge a month after the opening day fixture at Forge on the 27th of April. That first home game attracted an attendance of 4,260.

The Canadian Championship 1st leg game v Impact bettered this with a crowd of 5,252 , this was Impacts first game in it whilst for York it was their 5th  game  , winning in R1 against AS  Blainville 1-0 (AGG) and in R2 against Edmonton 3-2 (AGG).

Toronto the holders of the cup are given a bye to the next semi final round , I’d upset the MLS / USL teams by having them all in from R1. Only need 3 more clubs to be invited / qualify to have a nice figure of 16 in the competition.

On to the game and the ”Nine Stripes” gave a good account of themselves and were the better side , although they went behind on the hour to a tap in by Omar Browne after a headed back pass to the keeper went awry . They then scored 2 in the last 10 minutes , Ryan Telfer with a cracker on 83 and a poke in at the far post by Rodrigo Gattas on 88. But they gave away a 90+3 penalty courtesy of a stupid challenge by the keeper which Impact’s Saphir Taider scored and gained a draw. There was still time for York and  local boy Joe Di Chiara  to miss a sitter when clipping the bar instead of stroking ball into an empty net.

Yorks starting line up contained 9 of 11 Canadians , 15 of 18 of the squad whilst Impact had 4 of the starting line up and 7 of the squad of 18 so obviously no rules re birth for this competition.

The 3 big teams have struggled in the Q-F’s , York v Impact 2-2 , Halifax v Ottawa 2-3 & Cavalry v Whitecaps 0-0. Will all 3 progress , come on the ”Nine Stripes”.

Will keep my eye on the results from the 2nd legs when played on July 24th.


Thursday , July 11, 2019 @ 21-00 .

Ontario Soccer League. ( Provincial West).

Hrvat Saint Catharines 3 v 2 Club Italia Juventus.

@ Lancaster Park.

Image result for lancaster fields soccer field saint catharines photos


Friday , July 12 , 2019 @ 20-00.

League1 Ontario.

Darby FC 3 v 0 Aurora FC.

@ Whitby Soccer Dome. ( Indoors).

This is the above game photo-



Saturday , July 13 , 2019 @ 15-00.

League1 Ontario.

Ottawa South Utd Force 0 v 2 Windsor TFC.

@ Ontario Soccer Centre.

Image result for ontario soccer centre



League1 Ontario.

Master’s Futbol 0 v 0 Alliance Utd.

@ L’Amoreaux.

Image result for l'amoreaux sports complex soccer


Sunday, July 14 , 2019 @ 14-00.

USL. Championship.

Ottawa Fury 1 v 1 Louisville City.

@ Toronto Dominion Place.


Image result for td place stadium



Premiere Ligue de Soccer du Quebec.

AS Blainville 3 v 1 CS Saint-Hubert.

@ Parc Blainville.

Monday , July 15, 2019.

File:Aer Lingus Airbus A330-200 EI-EWR "Tomás" (23613272238).jpg


UEFA. 55 top tier to do. 2019/20.

/ Need 96 of 712 ( not inc 3G secondary winter stadiums , mentioned in relevant sections but only need 2 of Artificial used in Winter, both in Lithuania , 1 in Panevezys & 1 in Riga)  @ 03 / 08 / 2019.

/ Need 13-48 %.

To debit– Uni Craiova(18/07) / Etar(21/07) / Vitosha(22/07) / Dunav(26/07) / Botev Vratsa( 28/07) Done to here./


Need 1 of 10.  (Been 12).

Skenderbeu @ Skenderbeu Stadium, Korce. (Seen at home @ Elbasan in UEFA).



0 of 8 . (Been 6).



1 of 10 – Up one for 2019/20.   (Been 9).

FC Noah AKA Artsakh @ RCCSD Stadium, Yerevan. (AKA Mika).




0 of 12.  (Been 74).



Need 5 of 8.  (Been 12).

MOIK @ MOIK Stadium , Baku.

Sabah  @ Alinja Stadium , Masazyr.  ( Seen at home @ Bine Stadium).

Sabail  @  Bayil  Stadium , Baku.  (Seen at home @ Dalga Arena).

Sumgayit @ Capital Bank Arena , Sumqayit.

Zira @  Zira Complex Stadium , Baku.



0 of 18(Been 27).



0 of 16.  (Been 522).


Bosnia- Herzegovina.

Need 3 of 12.  ( Been 11).

Mladost @ MGM Farm Arena, Mladost.

Tuzla City @ Tusanj Stadium , Tusanj.

Zwijvezda 09 @ Ugljevik City Stadium, Ugljevik.



Need 1 of 14. (Been 45). After Dunav.

Arda 1924  @ Arda Arena , Kardzhali. ( At Loko Plovdiv until ground / floodlights sorted).

Botev Vratsa @ Hristo Botev Stadium , Vratsa.

Dunav @ Gradski Stadium , Ruse. 26/072019.

Etar V T @ Ivaylo Stadium , Veliko Tarnovo. 21/07/2019.

Vitosha Bistritsa @ Bistritsa Stadium , Bistritsa.22/07/2019.



Need 3 of 10.  (Been 16).

Gorica @ Gradski Stadium, Velike Gorica.

Istra 1961 @ Aldo Drosina Stadium , Pula.

Varazdin @ Andelko Herjavec Stadium, Varazdin.



0 of 12.  (Been 17).


Czech Republic.

0 of 16.  ( Been 29 . Not inc 13 teams from the old Czechoslovakia).



0 of 14.   (Been 65).



0 of 20. (Been TBC).


Estonia. (2019).

Need 1 of 10. ( Summer & Winter pitches).(Been 26).

Grass . (Summer pitches).

Maardu City @ Maardu Stadium , Tallinn. (Seen at home on 4G, adjacent).


Faroe Islands. (2019). 

Need 8 of 10.  (Been 2).

Argja Boltfelag  @ Skansi Arena , Argir.

EB / Streymur @ Vio Margair , Streymes.

IF Fuglafjaroar @ I Flotugeroi, Fuglafjaoar.

KI Klaksvik @ Vio Djupumyrar, Klaksvik.

NSI Runavik @ Vio Lokin , Runavik.

Skala @ Skala Stadium , Skali.

Tvoroyrar Boltfelag @ Vio Stora , Trongisvagur.

Vikingur Gota @ Sarpugeroi , Nororagota.


Finland. (2019)

0 of 12. ( Been 38).



0 of 20.  (Been 126).


Georgia. (2019).

0 of 10.  (Been 22).



0 of 18.  ( Been 67 . Not including teams from the old East Germany 21 / West Germany 72 ).



0 of 10.  (Been 1).



0 of 14. (Been 38).



Need 2 of 12.   (Been 31).

Mezokovesd  Zsory @  Varosi Stadium , Mesokovesd.

Mol Vidi (AKA Fehrvar) @ Pancho Arena , Felscut. .Gone back to rebuilt Sostoi. Re-opened 2018.

Puskas Academy (AKA Videoton  Res / Youth , NO thanks).

Varda SE @ Varkert Stadium, Kisvarda.


Iceland. (2019).

Need 1 of 12. (Been 25).

H K Kopavogur @ Korinn Football Hall , Indoor , Kopavogur.



Need 1 of 14(Been 21).

Ironi Kiryat Shmona @ Kiryat Shmona Stadium, Kiryat Shmona.



0 of 20. (Been 77 ).


Kazakhstan. (2019).

Need 11 of 12 (Been 1).

Aktobe @ Central Stadium , Aktobe.

Astana @ Astana Arena , Astana.

Atyrau @ Munaishy Stadium , Atyrau.

Irtysh @ Pavlodar Central Stadium, Pavlodar.

Kaisar @ Gany Muratbayev Stadium , Kyzylorda.

Okzhepes @ Central Stadium, Kokshetau.

Ordabasy @ Kazhymukan Munaitpasov Stadium , Nur-Sultan , Astana.

Shakhter @ Shakhter Stadium , Karaganda.

Taraz @ Central Stadium , Taraz.

Tobol @ Kostanay Central Stadium , Kostanay.

Zhetysu @ Zhetysu  Stadium , Taldykorgan.



Need 7 of 12.  (Been 7).

Balkani @ Suva Reka City Stadium.

Dukagjini @ June 18 Stadium, Klina.

Ferizaj @ Ismet Shabani Stadium, Ferizaj.

Feronikeli @ Rexhep Rexhepi Stadium, Glogovac.

Flamurtari @ Xhemail Ibishi ( Flamurtari ) Stadium, Pristina.

Llapi @ Zahir Pajaziti Stadium, Podujevo.

Vushtrria @ Ferki Aliu Stadium , Vuctim.


Latvia. (2019).

0 of 9. ( Summer & Winter grounds). (Been 20).



No league. (Teams play in Swiss divisions). (Been 2).


Lithuania. (2019).

Need 1 of 8.  (Been 30).

Grass.   (Summer pitches).

Palanga @ Palanga Stadium  Palanga.


Artificial.  (Winter pitches)

Need 2 of 6.

Panevezys @ Zemyna Progymnasiuum Stadium , Panevezys.

Riteriai  &  Zalgiris @ Sportima Arena , Riga.


0 of 14.  (Been 55).


Malta .( Inc Gozo).

0 of 14.  ( Been 11).


Moldova. (2019).

Need 3 of 8.  (Been 7).

Codru @  Ghidighici Stadium, Lozova.

Milsami @ CSR Orhei Stadium.

Sfantul Gheorghe @ Suruceni Stadium.



Need 7 of 10.   (Been 4).

Grbalj @ Donja Sutvara Stadium, Radanovichi.

Iskra @ Braca Velasevic Stadium, Danilovgrad.

Kom @ Zlatica Stadium, Podgorica.

Mladost Ljeskopolje @ DG Arena , Podgorica.

Petrovac @ Stadium pod Malim brdov , Petrovac.

Rudar @ Gradski Stadium, Pljevlja.

Zeta @ Tresnjica Stadium, Golubovci.



0 of 18. (Been 177).


North Macedonia.

Need 6 of 10. ( Been 2).

Akademija Pandev @ Stadium Kukush , Strumica.

Borec @ Zoran Paunov Stadium , Veles.

Makedonija GP @ Gjorche Petrov Stadium, Skopje.

Renova @ City Stadium , Tetova.

Shkendija @ City Stadium , Tetova.

Sileks @ Sileks Stadium , Kratovo.

Struga @ Stadium Gradska Plazha , Struga.



Northern Ireland.

0 of 12.  ( Been 39).


Norway. (2019).

O of 16.  (Been 51).



Need 1 of 16. (Been 46).

RKS Rakow Czestochowa @ Stadium RKS Rakow , Czestochowa.



0 of 18. (Been 77).


Republic of Ireland. (2019).

0 of 10.  (Been  178).



Need 3 of 14. (Been 39). After Hermannstadt.

FC Hermannstadt @ Municipal Stadium, Sibiu.  ( + 19/07/2019 @ Targu Mures / Pitch not ready in Sibiu).

Sepsi Sfantu Gheorghe  @ Municipal Stadium , Sfantu Gheorghe.

Universitatea Craiova @ Ion Oblenko Stadium , Craiova. (Seen at home @ Drobeba T Severin & @ Extensiv).   18/07/2019.


Need 14 of 16.  (Been 7).

Akhmat Grozny @ Akhmat Arena, Grozny.

Arsenal Tula @ Arsenal Stadium, Tula.

CSKA @ VEB Arena , Moscow.

Dynamo @ VTB Arena, Moscow. ( Seen at home  @ Khimki Stadium ).

Krasnodar  @ Krasnodar  Stadium , Krasnodar.

Rostov @ Rostov Arena , Rostov on Don.

Rubin Kazan @ Kazan Arena , Kazan.

Orenburg @ Gazovik Stadium , Orenburg.

Sochi @ Fischt Olympic Stadium, Sochi.

Tambov @ Spartak Stadium, Tambov.

Krylia Sovetov Samara @ Cosmos Arena , Samara.

Ufa @ Neftyanik Stadium, Ufa.

Ural Sverdlovsk Oblast @ Central Stadium, Yekaterinburg.

Zenit Saint Petersburg @ Krestovsky Stadium Saint Petersburg. ( Seen at home @ Petrovsky Stadium).


San Marino.

0 of 15 . (Been 6).



0 of 12.  (Been TBC).



Need 7 of 16.  (Been 10 . Not including 2 teams  from the old  Yugoslavia).

Indija @ Indija Stadium , Indija.

Javor-Matis @ City Stadium , Ivanjica.

Mladost  @ Stadium, Lucani.

Napredak @ Mladost Stadium, Krusevac.

Radnicki Nis @ Cair Stadium, Nis.

Soartak @ City Stadium , Subotica.

Topolyai Sports Club  @ City Stadium, Backa Topola.



Need 2 of 12.  (Been 10 . Not including 6 teams from the old Czechoslovakia).

Michalovce @ Mestsky Stadium , Michalovce.

FK Pohronie @ Mestsky Stadium, Ziar nad Hronom.



Need 3 of 10.  (Been 10).

ASK Bravo Publikum @ ZSD Stadium , Ljubljana.

Mura @ Mestni Stadium Fazanerija Stadium, Murska Sobota.

Tabor Sezana @ Rajko Stolfa Stadium , Sezana.



0 of 20.  (Been 124).


Sweden. (2019).

Need 1 of 16.  ( Been 168).

Falkenberg @ Falcon Alkoholfri Arena , Falkenberg. ( Seen at home @ Falkenberg IP).



0 of 10.  (Been 53).



Need 2 of 18.  ( Been 47).



Need 3 of 12.  (Been 8).

S C Dnipro-1 @ Dnipro Arena , Dnipropetrovsk.

Desna Chernihiv @ Chernihiv Stadium (Yuri Gagarin), Chernihiv.

Kolos Kovalika @ Dynamo Stadium , Lobanovsky, Kiev.

Olimpik Donetsk @ Dynamo Stadium , Lobanovsky, Kiev.



0 of 12.  ( Been 390).





Pinksteren 2019 and it’s KNVB District Finals.

KNVB District Cup Finals Day’s in the Netherlands are usually spread out over the ‘Pinksteren’ holiday weekend , this year is no different apart from the District West II final which was played on Thursday May 30 , ‘Hemelvaart Day’.

The list of finals in alphabetical order =

Nord District.

Saturday, June 8 , 2019.

14-30 @ Sportpark Ervenbos , Emmeloord. ( Flevo Boys).

Flevo Boys 7  v  0  Vev’67 , Leek.

Oost District.

Friday , June 7 , 2019.

20-00 @ Sportpark Tijenraan , Raalte. ( ROHDA Raalte).

RKSV ROHDA Raalte  0  v  2  Duno Doorwerth.

West I District.

Saturday , June 8 , 2019.

14-30 @ Sportpark de Raandhorn , Uithoorn. ( Legmeervogels FC).

SV Huizen  5  v  0  Fortuna Wormerveer.

West II District.

Thursday , May 30 , 2019.

14-30 @ Sportpark Vredenburch, Rijswijk. ( KRSV Vredenburch).

FC ‘s – Gravenzande  4  v  0  Ter Leede.

Zuid I District.

Saturday,  June 8 , 2019.

14-30 @ Sportpark Haarsteeg , Vlijmen. ( vv Haarsteeg).

vv Sliedrecht  2  v  2  RKSV Heeze.  (AET).

Sliedrecht won 4-3 on pens.

Zuid II District.

Sunday June 9 , 2019.

14-30 @ Sportpark Biescamp , Geffen . ( vv Nooit Gedacht).

RKSV Groene Ster  2  v  0  SV Top Am’s.


I’ll add a bit more info at a later date , especially the 2 that I visited those at Raalte on the Friday and at Vlijmen on Saturday . Would have gone Sundays too if it wasn’t for one of the teams.

Tiers in the Netherlands.

1 = KNVB Ere.

2 = KNVB Erste.

3 = KNVB Tweede.

4 = KNVB Derde. (Zat / Zon).

5 = KNVB Hoofdklasse. (Zat A & B / Zon A & B).

6 = District 1 ( Zat / Zon).

7 = District 2 (Zat / Zon).

8 = Dictrict 3 (Zat / Zon).

9 = District 4 ( Zat / Zon).

10 = District 5 ( Zat / Zon).


In the beginning.

This was originally either the first or second post in April , but I went playing with things and it ended up here, hey ho .

” In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” In 1951 my mum and dad created the being forever known as Hod.

Image result for in the beginning

Well here we go, this will be a thrill for all of you reading my ramblings , they will get progressively worse . Being not under the affluence of inkerhol anymore has led unfortunately to my rants / raves getting worse , please do not read if you are a wallflower.

I will put in words some of my odd trips / thoughts / plans etc regarding football although I may delve into wine / women and song on occasions.

I decided on this course of action because the site I use and one up to a few years ago was good is nowadays going downhill. It got rid of a few wallflowers for the better of the site but now it’s who plays where , I’m in Mongolia on Sunday anyone know any fixtures , how do I get tickets for so and so game, do they issue . Try feckin looking.

And my main problem is people just taking , there are many on there who glean some marvelous information without giving anything back. Then we have the nimby pimby brigade , most left citing there were too many arguments on there , they still use the site for info. Parasites.

Is there a censor ( Leopold) on here ?

It will be about various topics , not just games visited , what is there to say about hopping ? The train was 4 minutes late , the train was 4 minutes early , this was the only game in Britain for a tick tonight , I’ve been 2960 games , yawn ,yawn feckin yawn. No one on here to tell me about my bad grammar , there really are some tossers sitting by their computers waiting a spelling  / grammar error , get a life.


Don’t you just get fed up of reading crap , I very rarely finish OR even start some peoples blogs / posts , rattling on about all and sundry , BORING . Be more interesting will you ,  get a sense of humour , you know who you are , but obviously it takes a lot to change the habits of a very humourless upbringing.

There will be NO childrens / school / yoof  / reserve/ womens / non competitive games mentioned.  NO mention of programmes.

Lots of thoughts about ground moves.

United States of America Soccer Pyramid 2019. (My take).

  Image result for usa flags photos

The U S of A is doing its best to organize itself a soccer pyramid , who knows we may see promotion / relegation some time soon. Changes  have been made recently and more are due to be implemented in the near future but anyway this is my take on the current system as it stands today 29/ 05/ 2019 or for my American readers 5/ 29/ 2019 .

At this moment in time the United States Soccer Federation ( USSF) has sanctioned 3 tiers of professional soccer , at the top of the pile at Tier 1 is the ‘Major League Soccer’ , then at Tier 2 is the ‘ United Soccer League’ Championship Division and then finally at the Tier 3 is the ‘USL’ Divison 1.

I’ll run through those divisions shortly but before that I would like to point out that although there are 70 teams represented at these 3 levels,  below Tier 1 there are 13 teams  that are either Reserve sides or  teams owned by MLS / USL Championship clubs with different names to their parent club  so only truly 57 clubs. Then there are 5 Canadian clubs at these levels so that then leaves us with 52 U S of A clubs at this Professional level.

These Reserves and Pseudo clubs will be pointed out as we go through the divisions. So where better to start than at Tier 1 and that is the MLS.

Tier 1.

Major League Soccer.

Related image

24 x clubs ( inc 3 x Canadian).

2 x Conferences.

Eastern Conference ( 12 x clubs inc 2 x Canadian).

Atlanta United FCAtlanta, GA. Mercedes Benz Stadium.
Chicago Fire .
Bridgeview, IL . Toyota Park.
Columbus Crew  SC.  
Columbus, OH. Mapfre Stadium.
FC Cincinnati .
Cincinnati, OH. Nippert Stadium.
D.C. United.  
Washington, D.C. Audi Field.
Montreal Impact
. Montreal, QC. Saputo Stadium.
New England Revolution.  
Foxborough, MA. Gillette Stadium.
New York City FC
Bronx, NY. Yankee Stadium.
New York Red Bulls
Harrison,  NJ . Red Bull Arena.
Orlando City SC.  
Orlando, FL Orlando City Stadium.
Philadelphia Union
Chester, PA.  Talen Energy Stadium.
Toronto FC .
Toronto, ON.  BMO Field

Western Conference ( 12 x clubs inc 1 x Canadian).

Colorado Rapids. Commerce City, CO . Dick’s Sporting Goods Park.
FC Dallas.  
Frisco TX.  Toyota Stadium.
Houston Dynamo
Houston, TX.  BBVA Compass Stadium.
LA Galaxy
Carson, CA.  StubHub Center.
Los Angeles FC.  
Los Angeles, CA Banc of California Stadium.
Minnesota United FC
Saint Paul, MN.  Allianz Field.
Portland Timbers
Portland, OR.  Providence Park.
Real Salt Lake. 
Sandy, UT.  Rio Tinto Stadium.
San Jose Earthquakes
San Jose, CA.  Avaya Stadium.
Seattle Sounders FC, Sea
ttle, WA.  Century Link Field.
Sporting Kansas City
Kansas City, KS.  Children’s Mercy Park.
Vancouver Whitecaps  FC.  
Vancouver BC . BC Place


Tier 2.

United Soccer League Championship.


36 x teams ( inc 1 Canadian).

2 x Conferences.

Eastern Conference ( 18 teams inc 1 x Canadian).

Atlanta United 2. Lawrenceville, Georgia. Fifth Third Bank Stadium.
Bethlehem Steel FC.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Talen Energy Stadium.
Birmingham Legion FC.
Birmingham, Alabama. BBVA Compass Field.
Charleston Battery.
Charleston, South Carolina. MUSC Health Stadium.
Charlotte Independence.
Matthews, North Carolina. Sportsplex at Matthews.
Hartford Athletic.
Hartford, Connecticut. Dillon Stadium.
Indy Eleven.
Indianapolis, Indiana. Lucas Oil Stadium.

Loudoun United FC. Leesburg, Virginia Audi Field.
Louisville City FC. Louisville, Kentucky. Louisville Slugger Field .
Memphis 901 FC. Memphis, Tennessee. AutoZone Park.
Nashville SC. Nashville, Tennessee. First Tennessee Park.
New York Red Bulls II. Montclair, New Jersey. MSU Soccer Park at Pittser Field.
North Carolina FC. Cary, North Carolina. WakeMed Soccer Park.
Ottawa Fury FC. Ottawa, Ontario. TD Place Stadium.
Pittsburgh Riverhounds. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Highmark Stadium.
Saint Louis FC. Fenton, Missouri. Toyota Stadium.
Swope Park Rangers. Kansas City, Kansas. Children’s Mercy Park.
Tampa Bay Rowdies. St. Petersburg, Florida. Al Lang Stadium.

OK then we have 2 Reserve teams in Atlanta Utd & New York Red Bulls  and then 3 Reserve Pseudo teams in  Bethlehem  Steel (Philadelphia Union) , Loudon United ( D C Utd)  & Swope Park Rangers ( Sporting Kansas).

Affiliate is  –  Ottawa Fury (Montreal).

Western Conference ( 18 x teams).

Austin Bold FC. Elroy, Texas. Bold Stadium.
Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC.
Colorado Springs, Colorado. Weidner Field.
El Paso Locomotive FC.
El Paso, Texas. Southwest University Park.
Fresno FC.
Fresno, California. Chukchansi Park.
Las Vegas Lights FC.
Las Vegas, Nevada. Cashman Field.
LA Galaxy II.
Carson, California. StubHub Center Track Stadium.
New Mexico United.
Albuquerque, New Mexico. Isotopes Park.
OKC Energy FC.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Taft Stadium.
Orange County SC.
Irvine, California. Champion Stadium.
Phoenix Rising FC.
Scottsdale, Arizona. Casino Arizona Field.
Portland Timbers 2.
Portland, Oregon. Providence Park.
Real Monarchs SLC.
Herriman, Utah. Zions Bank Stadium.
Reno 1868 FC
Reno, Nevada. Greater Nevada Field.
Rio Grande Valley FC Toros. Edinburg, Texas. H-E-B Park.
Sacramento Republic FC. Sacramento, California. Papa Murphy’s Park.
San Antonio FC. San Antonio, Texas. Toyota Field.
Tacoma Defiance. Tacoma, Washington. Cheney Stadium.
Tulsa Roughnecks FC . Tulsa, Oklahoma. ONEOK Field.

2 Reserve teams in L A Galaxy & Portland Timbers then 2 Reserve Pseudo teams in Real Monarchs ( Real Salt Lake) & Tacoma Defiance ( Seattle).

Affiliates are – Colorado Springs Switchbacks ( Colorado Rapids) , Reno 1868 ( San Jose Earthquakes) , Rio Grande Valley Toros (Houston Dynamo) , San Antonio F C ( New York City FC) & Tulsa Roughnecks (Chicago Fire).


Tier 3. ( 1 x on going , 1 x August 2019 start & 1 x August 2020 start ) 

United Soccer League Division 1.(USSF).

USL League One vert dark logo.svg

1 x Division x 10 teams inc 1 x Canadian.

Chattanooga Red Wolves SC. Chattanooga, Tennessee. David Stanton Field. 5,000.
Forward Madison FC.
Madison, Wisconsin. Breese Stevens Field. 5,000.
Greenville Triumph SC.
Greenville, South Carolina. Legacy Early College Field . 4,000.
Lansing Ignite FC.
Lansing, Michigan. Cooley Law School Stadium. 7,527.
North Texas SC.
Frisco, Texas. Toyota Stadium. 20,500.
Orlando City B.
Montverde, Florida. Montverde Academy. 3,500.
Richmond Kickers.
Richmond, Virginia . City Stadium. 22,611.
South Georgia Tormenta FC.
Statesboro, Georgia. Eagle Field at ErIk Russell Park. 3,500.
Toronto FC II .
Toronto, Ontario. BMO Training Ground. 1,000.
FC Tucson.
Tucson, Arizona. Kino Sports Complex. 3,500.

2 Reserve sides namely Orlando City & Toronto FC with 2 Pseudo teams in North Texas ( Dallas ) & F C Tucson ( Phoenix Rising ).

Affiliates are – Forward Madison ( Minnesota )  & Lansing ( Chicago Fire).


Supposedly starting August 2019 @ Tier 3.

Sanctioned provisionally by the USSF  in February 2019 for an August 2019 start.

National Independent Soccer League (NISL). (USSF)

Image result for national independent soccer league

Despite the start date being only 10 weeks away news is very sketchy about teams / schedules etc.  Social media sites hint at an early June meeting to sort things out ! Supposedly a Fall – Spring season with a December / January break.

This league was founded in 2017 with the aim of a 10 team 2018 season start. Things went slowly and as stated only sanctioned in Feb 2019.

The league claims to have 8 cities/areas on board , namely –

Atlanta , Georgia.
Charlotte , Carolina.
Daytona Beach , Central Florida.
Los Angeles ,California.
New England , Connecticut.
Philadelphia Fury , Pennsylvania. ( Allegedly at Franklin Field).
Providence , Rhode Island.
San Diego 1904, California.

(The 1904 comes from S being the 19th letter of the alphabet and for our American readers 04 is for D ). Memories of my favourite team name ever L A Lazers ( Let all zealous earthlings radiate soccer). Only in the U S of A.

There is a lot to do in such a short time I am sceptical as to whether this will happen.

Also planned @ Tier 3 ( Well the USASA consider it to be on a par).

NPSL Pro Premier.  (2020). (USASA).

National Premier Soccer League.png

The other major National Association in the USA the United States Amateur Soccer Association  (USASA) is looking at forming a National Professional Soccer League by 2020 to stand alongside Tier 3 USL Div 1. The National Premier Soccer League ( NPSL) has it’s precursor the ‘Founders Cup’  already scheduled with 11 teams kicking off in August and finishing in November.

This should lead to a the real thing a Spring start for  Season  2020.

Schedule –

East Region.
Chattanooga FC. Chattanooga, Tennessee. Finley Stadium.
Detroit City FC. Hamtramck, Michigan. Keyworth Stadium.
Miami FC. Miami, Florida. Riccardo Silva Stadium.
Miami United FC. Hialeah, Florida. Ted Hendricks Stadium at Milander Park.
Milwaukee Torrent. Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. Hart Park.
New York Cosmos. Uniondale, New York. Mitchel Athletic Complex.

West Region.

FC Arizona. Mesa, Arizona. Mesa High School.
ASC San Diego. San Diego, California. Mission Bay High School.
Cal FC. Agoura Hills, California. Agoura High School.
Napa Valley 1839  FC.  Napa, California Dodd Stadium.
Oakland Roots SC. Oakland, California. TBD.


Then below Tier 3 we have no governing body for all so no pyramid system is in place , I will give my take , forever to be called ‘Hods Pyramid at Amateur level for Soccer in the USA”. ( HP@A4SUSA).  Let it be known there are other sauces available !

I  consider these 2 to be next in the pecking order.

National Premier Soccer League.  (USSF ).

National Premier Soccer League.png

91 x teams.

4 x Regions. (Mid-West , North East , South & West).

13 x Conferences.

Venues are very changeable in the NPSL , venues listed are the most common during the season.

Midwest Region.

East Conference.

FC Buffalo  @ Robert E Rich All High Stadium, Bennett High School.
Cleveland SC @ George Finnie Stadium , John Carroll Uni’ , University Heights.
Erie Commadores @ Gannon Uni’ Field , Eerie.
Pittsburgh Hotspurs @ The Ellis School Field ,Pittsburgh.
Syracuse FC @ Lazer Stadium, Onondaga Community College , Syracuse.

Great Lakes Conference.

FC Ann Arbour @ Cardinal Stadium, Concordia Uni’, Ann Arbour.
FC Columbus @ The Wellington School Stadium, Upper Arlington.
Detroit City @ Keyworth Stadium, Hamtramck.
Grand Rapids FC @ Houseman Field, Grand Rapids.
FC Indiana @ Legacy Sports Club, Lafayette.
Kalamazoo FC @ Mayors Riverfront Park, Kalamazoo.
Michigan Stars @ Ultimate Soccer Arenas , Pontiac.
Toledo Villa @ Lyden Field, St Johns Jesuit High School, Toledo.

North Conference.

Dakota Fusion F @ Jim Gotta Stadium, Moorhead.
Duluth FC @ Ordean Field @ Duluth East High School.
La Crosse Aris @ Logan High School Stadium, La Crosse.
Med City @ Rochester Community & Technical College  Stadium, Rochester , MN.
Minneapolis City @ Edor Nelson Field, Augsburg Uni’, Minneapolis.
Minnesota Twin Stars @ Maple Grove Crimson Stadium, Maple Grove.
Sioux Falls Thunder @ Uni’ of Sioux Falls Stadium , Sioux Falls.

North East Region.

Keystone Conference.

Atlantic City @ Egg Harbour Township High School Field, Egg Harbour.
Electric City Shock @ Quinn Athletic Stadium, Scranton.
Hershey FC @ John Hershey High School, Arlington Heights.
Monmouth @ Count Basie Park, Red Bank Borough.
FC Motown @ Ranger Stadium, Drew Uni’ . Madison.
New Jersey Copa @ Saint John Vianney High School Field , Holmdel.
Philadelphia Lone Star @ South Philadelphia Super Site Athletic Stadium , Philadelphia.
Torch FC @ Pennridge High School Field, Pekrasie.
West Chester Utd @ West Chester Utd Stadium , West Goshen.

Mid Atlantic Conference.

FC Baltimore @ Knights Field, CCBC Essex Community College , Rossville.
Charlottesville Alliance FC @ Charlottesville High School Field.
FC Frederick @ Urbana High School Field, Ijamsville.
Northern Virginia Utd FC @ Evergreen Sports Complex, Leesburg.
Virginia Beach City FC @ Powhatan Field, Norfolk.

North Atlantic Conference.

Boston City FC @ Harry Della Russo Stadium, Revere.
Brooklyn Italians  Metropolitan Oval Field, Maspeth, Queens.
Greater Lowell Rough Diamonds @ CHS Simonian Stadium, Chelmsford.
Hartford City FC @ Yousuf Al-Marzook Field, Uni’ of Hartford, West Hartford.
Kingston Stockade FC @ Robert Dietz Memorial Stadium, Kinston.
New York Athletic Club SC @ Travers Island Field , Pelham.
New York Cosmos B @ Mitchel Athletic Complex , Uniondale.
Rhode Island Reds @ Johnston Senior High School, Johnston.

South Region.

Heartland Conference.

Club Atletico Saint Louis @ St Louis University High School Stadium, St Louis
Demize NPSL @  Lake Country Soccer Cooper Stadium, , Springfield.
Little Rock Rangers @ War Memorial Stadium, Little Rock.
Ozark FC @ Har-ber High School Stadium, Springdale.
Tulsa Athletic @ Veterans Park, Tulsa.
FC Wichita @ Stryker Soccer Complex, Wichita.

Lonestar Conference.

Dallas City FC @ McKinney Soccer Complex at Craig Ranch, McKinney.
Denton Diabolos FC @ Uni’ of North Texas Stadium, Denton.
Fort Worth Vanqueros @ FW Farrington Field, Fort Worth.
Katy 1895 FC @ Dutch Lions Stadium , Conroe.
Laredo Heat SC @ Dustdevil Field, Texas A&M International Soccer Complex, Laredo.
Midland-Odessa Sockers FC @ Grande Communications Centre Stadium, Midland.
Tyler FC @ Tyler Junior College Field , Tyler.

South East Conference.

Asheville City SC @ Memorial Stadium, Asheville.
Atlanta SC @ St Francis High School Field, Alpharetta.
Chattanooga FC @ Finley Stadium, Chattanooga.
Georgia Revolution FC @ Warhawk Stadium , Henry County Hugh School, McDonaugh.
Greenville FC @ Sirrine Stadium, Grenville.
Inter Nashville FC @ International Indoor Socccer Complex, Antioch Pike.

Sunshine Conference.

Central Florida Panthers SC @ Showalter Field, Winter Park.
Jacksonville Armada U23 @ Patton Park Stadium Field, Jacksonville.
Miami FC @ Barry Uni’ Field, Miami Shores.
Miami United @ Ronald L Book Athletic Stadium, North Miami Beach.
Naples United @ Gulf Coast High School Field, Naples.
Storm FC  @ Central Brouward Park & Brouward County Stadium , Lauderhil.

West Region.

Golden Gate Conference.

Academica SC @ Academica Sportsfield, Turlock.
FC Davis @ B B & T (Aggie) Stadium, Un’ of California (Davis Campus) , Greensboro.
East Bay Stompers FC @ Raimondo Park, Oakland.
El Farolito @ Boxer Stadium , San Francisco.
Napa Valley 1839 @ Dodd Stadium, Justin Siena High School, Napa.
Sacramentro Gold FC @ Capital Christian School Stadium, East Sacramento.
San Ramon FC @ Dougherty Valley High School, San Ramon.
Sonoma County Sol @ Case Grande High School, Pelatuma.

North West Conference.

Crossfire Redmond FC  @ Keeney Stadium, Bothell.
FC Mulhouse Portland @ Rob Strasser Memorial Field, Delta Park,  Portland .(Most games in Vancouver, McKenzie Stadim / Keggins Bowl).
Olympic Soccer Academy Seattle FC @ Starfire Sports Complex, Tukluila.
Portland DX FC @ Rob Strasser Memorial Field, Delta Park,  Portland.
Spokane SC Shadow @ Community College Stadium, Spokane Falls.

South West Conference.

FC Arizona @ John D Riggs Stadium, Mesa Community College, Mesa.

City of Angels @  Chaminade High School Field,  West Hills.
FC Golden Gate @ Rio Hondo College Field. Whittier.
High Desert Elite FC @ Adelante Stadium, Adelanto.
AS Los Angeles @ St Matthias  Stadium, Downey.
Orange County FC @ Portola High School Field, Irvin or Championship Stadium, Irvine..
Oxnard Guerreros FC @ Del Sol Stadium , Oxnard.
Riverside Coras @ J W North Stadium, Riverside.
ASC San Diego @ Mission Bay High School Stadium.
Temecula FC @ Chaparral High School Stadium, Temecula,


United Soccer League Div 2 . ( USASA). ( Formerly the Premier Development Soccer League).

Related image

72 x teams. ( 5 x Canada).

4 x Confererences. ( Central , Eastern, South & West).

11 x Divisions.

Although its a league and its clubs I won’t touch as it is the original PDSL which is / was  an U23 League with many stipulations regarding age.

From the 2019 USL League Div 2 Media Guide =  ”USL League Two is the leader in pre-professional soccer in the U.S. and Canada. The League holds a vital role as it continues to provide the elite platform for those pursuing professional careers domestically and internationally. Throughout the United States and Canada, League Two franchises continue to provide the elite amateur player the opportunity to train and compete at the highest level while maintaining their collegiate eligibility. With ownership of teams coming from the likes of MLS and USL franchises as well as leading business and sports individuals, League Two serves as the leading development platform for the game both on and off the field. League Two is more than just the leading national U23 league…League Two is the defined and proven pathway for players to progress to the professional ranks of soccer while becoming a staple within the community in which the team operates.”

Central Conference.

Great Lakes Div.

Chicago FC Utd @ Hoyne Field, Loyola Uni’..
Cincinnati Dutch Lions @ Northern Kentucky Uni’ Field, Highland Heights.
Dayton Dutch Lions @ Dayton Outpatients Centre Stadium, West Carrolton.
Flint City Bucks @ Attwood Stadium @ Kettering Uni’.
West Virginia Alliance @ Shawnee Park Sports Complex, Cape Gerardeau.

Heartland Div.

Des Moines Menace @ Drake Stratton Stadium , Drake Uni’.
Green Bay Voyageurs @ Capitol Credit Union Park, Ashwauberon.
Kaw Valley @ Rock Chalk Park, Uni’ of Kansas, Lawrence.
St Louis Lions @ Tony Glavin Complex , Cottlevilles.
Thunder Bay Chill @ Fort William Stadium , Royal Canadian Legion Sports Complex.
WSA Winnipeg @ John Scouras Field, Ralph Cantafio Sports Complex.

Eastern Conference.

Mid Atlantic Div.

Cedar Stars Rush @ Fairleigh Dickinson Uni’ , Teaneck .
Evergreen Hammers @ Evergreen Sportsplex, Leesburg.
FA Euro New York @ Poly Prep County Day School Field, Leesburg.
Lehigh Valley Utd @ Cedar Christ College, Allentown.
Long Island Rough Riders @ Hofstra Uni’ Soccer Stadium, Hempstead.
New York Red Bulls U23 @ Red Bull Training Center, Hempstead.
Ocean City Nor’easters @ Carey Stadium, Ocean City.
Reading Utd @ Gurski Stadium, Wilson High School, West Lawn.

North East Div.

Connecticut @ Westside Athletics Complex,Western Connecticut State Uni’ Danbury .
Black Rock @ Mens Collegiate Lacrosse Association Shewcroft Field, North Adams.
Boston Bolt @ Alumni Field, Mount Ida College, Watson .
GPS Portland Phoenix @ Memorial Stadium, Deering High School.
Manhattan SC @ Galic Park, Manhattan College, Riverdale Bronx.
Seacoast Utd Phantoms @ Amesbury Sports Park.
Westchester Flames @ City Park Stadium, New Rochelle .
Western Mass Pioneers  @ Lusitano Stadium, Ludlow.

South Atlantic Div.

Lionsbridge @ Pomoco Stadium, Christopher Newport Uni’, Newport News.
North Carolina FC U23 @ Wake Med Soccer Park, Cary.
North Carolina Fusion U23 @ McPherson Stadium, Brown Summit.
Tobacco Road @ Durham County Stadium.
Tri Cities Otters @ Kermit Tipton Stadium, Science Hill High School, Johnson City.
Virginia Beach United @ Virginia Beach Sportsplex.
Wake FC @ Ting Park, Holly Springs.

South Conference.

Deep South Div.

Charlotte Eagles @ Sportsplex @ Matthews.
Dalton Red Wolves @ Christian Heritage School, Dalton.
Discoveries FC @ Nation Ford High School , Fort Mill.
Peachtree City MOBA. @ Mobile Automation Soccer Stadium, Peachtree City
SC United Bantams @ SCU Complex , Coombia.
South Georgia Tormenta 2 @ Eagle Field, Erk Powell Athletics Track, Statesboro.

Mid South Div.

AHFC Royals @ British International School of Houston Stadium.
Brazos Valley Cavalry @ Nutrabolt Stadium, Bryan – College Station.
Corpus Christi FC @ Dr. Jack Duggan Soccer Stadium , Texas Agricultural & Mechanical Uni’.
Houston FC @ Sorrets Field, Houston Baptist Uni’.
Mississippi Brilla @ Clinton Arrow Stadium, Clinton.
Texas United @ Airhogs Stadium , Grand Prairie.

South East Div.

Daytona FC @ Daytona Stadium, Daytona Beach.
Florida Elite @ Creekside High School, St Johns.
Lakeland Tropics @ Bryant Stadium, Lakeland.
Miami City @ Tropical Park Stadium , Miami.
Sarasota Metropolis @ IMG Academy Stadium, Bradenton.
The Villages @ The Villages Sports Complex Stadium, Summerfield.
Tritans (Treasure Coast) @ South County Stadium, Port St Lucie.
Weston F C @ Brouward College , Weston.

West Conference.

Mountain Div.

Albuquerque Sol @ Ben Rios Field , St Pius X High School.
Colorado Pride Switchbacks U 23 @ Weidner Field, Colorado Springs.
Ogden City @ Spence Eccles , Ogden Community Sports Complex.
Park City Red Wolves @ Dozier Field, Park City.

North Wesr Div.

Calgary Foothills @ Mount Royal Uni’ Stadium, Glamorgan, Calgary.
Lane Utd @ Marist Catholic High School, Eugene.
Portland Timbers U23 @ McCulloch Stadium, Salem.
Sounders U23 @ Sunset Stadium, Sumner High School, Sumner.
Vancouver TSS FC Rovers @ Swangard Stadium, Burnaby.
Victoria Highlanders @ Centennial Stadium Saanich.

South West Div.

Golden State Force @ Rio Hondo College , Whittier.
Orange County SC U23 @ Grt Parks Complex , Irvne.
San Diego Zest @ Madison High School, San Diego.
San Francisco City @ Kezar Stadium , San Francisco.
San Francisco Glens @ Boxer Stadium, San Francisco.
Santa Cruz Breakers @ Santa Cruz High School , Santa Cruz.
Southern California Seahorses @ Whittier College , Whittier.
Ventura County Fusion @ Ventura College Sportsplex , Ventura.

Below this is a jigsaw with missing pieces. ( If I have the time / energy , maybe ).