Baltic Countries Stadiums Season 2019.

Baltic Countries Stadiums Season 2019.

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On planning a trip to the Baltics I found as usual a host of sites inc Wikipedia / Europlan etc had a lot of wrong venues for the teams in Estonia , Latvia & Lithuania. Scoresway / Soccerway on this occasion were better than most !

I tend to use local sites and I’ve come up with the following version of stadiums used by teams  , my first trip this season coincides with their cold season so I’m visiting a number of alternative venues to the norm , those used as an alternative to grass pitches . I’ve tried to list all venues and dates used for 2019 games.

My trip begun in Estonia and that’s where I’ll begin , on speaking to club officials at games they were of the opinion that clubs will move to smaller manageable grounds in the future. One of the main reasons being TV , most games nowadays are on TV and floodlighting lux required is easier to obtain at small compact grounds.

I’ll not list games seen yet as I’m still mid trip , that may be a future post.

Part 1.

ESTONIA. 2019.

Flag of Estonia.svg

Top flight ( Meistriliiga).

F C Flora Tallinn @ Sportland Arena, Asula 4 for their first 5 home games  R1 on 10th  03 — R9  on  03rd  05  then remaining 13 home games from R 11 on  18th  05 at Le Coq Arena , Asula 4c.

Sportland and Le Coq are next to each other.

 Kuressaare F C @ Kuressaare Artificial ( Taive 88a ) for their first 4 home games R2 on 16th  03 — R8 on  27th  04 then remaining 14 games from R10 on 10th  05 at Kuressaare Linnastadion ( Staadioni 6).

They are about a mile and a half from each other.

F C I Levadia Tallinn @ Sportland Arena for their first 4 home games  R1 on 9th  04 — R 8 on 28th  04  then remaining 14 home games from R10  on 11th  05 at Le Coq Stadium.

Sportland and Le Coq are next to each other.

Maardu City (Linnameeskond) F C @ Maardu City Artificial (Kaaari 4) for their first 4 home games  R2 on 17th 03 — R 8  27th  04 then 9 games at City Stadium  R 11 on 19th 05 — R26 on 28th 08  then the remaining last 5 home games back on artificial  with R28 on 15th  09 — R36  on 09th 11.

The grounds are next to each other.

J K Narva Trans @ Norra Kalev Stadium (  Hardiuse 22b) for their first 5 home games  R1 on 9th 03 — R9 on  4th 05 then 9 games at Kreenholmi Stadium, ( Kreenholmi 54b )  R11 on 11th  05 — R26  on  28th 08  before returning to Norra Kalev for R29 on 18th 09  for remaining 4 home games.

The grounds are about 2 miles apart.

Paide City (Linnameeskond) FC  @ City Artificial (Kooli 1) for their first 5 home games  (R1 on  17th 03 — R9 on  4th  05) then at City Stadium for their remaining 13 home games from R11  on 18th  05 .

The grounds are next to each other.

Tallinna Kalev , all 18 home games @  Kalevi Artificial Stadium ( next door to main large / grass pitch Kalevi  Kesk/Central Stadium at Staadioni 3).

Tallinna Nomme Kalju , all 18 home games @  Hiiu Stadium , Pidu 11 (Artificial).

Tammeka Tartu JK @  Tartu Sepa Artificial (Sepa 15a) for their first 5 home games  R1 on  10th  03 — R9  on  3rd  05 then @ Tamme Stadium (Tamme puistee 1) for remaining 13 home games from R12  – on 22nd  05.

Tulevik K Viljandi @ City Artificial (Raana puistee) for first 4 home games with R2  on  16th  03  — R8  on  28th  04  then remaining 14 home games beginning at  R 10 on 12th  05 @ City Stadium.

The grounds are next to each other.

So as you see just 2  clubs using 1 stadium the remaining 8 using 2 , some starting on artificial and returning after a spell on grass , good for arthritis.

The clubs can if necessary  revert to artificial as and when they want / weather issues etc.

Stadiums listed have been gleaned from Estonian official sources but as always check nearer the time if your going.


Part 2.

Latvia. 2019.

Flag of Latvia.svg

Top flight , Virsliga / Higher League.

Starting with 9 clubs this season following the non relegation of Valmieras , all are playing on artificial surfaces at the moment.

So no moving about with the weather like Estonia & Lithuania except for a couple of games.

Some clubs Jelgava, Liepaja , Spartaks Jurmala and Ventspils have moved off grass large stadiums to more cosy artificial surface stadiums.

Virsliga. 2019.

BFC Daugavpils @ Celtnieks Stadium , Jelgavas iela 7.

FK Jelgava @ Jelgava Training Centre Stadium, Karklu iela 6.

Jelgava have moved 3 miles from the grass Olympic Sports Centre, Kronvelda 2.

FK Liepaja @ Daugava Stadium Artificial, Piejuras Parks 3, Jurmala iela.

Next door to main stadium.

Back at main stadium on May 4.

Metta/ Latvia University @ Rigas Hanzas High School Stadium, Grostonas 5, Riga.

Rigas Football School @ Rigas Technical University Stadium, Daugavgrivas iela 56, Riga.

Moved to Arkadija Stadium on May 17.

Riga F C @ Rigas Technical University Stadium, Daugavgrivas iela 56, Riga.

FK Spartaks Jurmala @ Kauguru High School Stadium, Raina iela , Kauguri.

Moved to Slokas Stadium on May 12.

Spartaks used to spend the summer months at the  larger ground with a grass pitch at nearby Slokas Stadium.

Valmieras FK @ Vidzemes Olympic Centre Stadium, 93 Rigas iela, Vidzeme.

F K Ventspils @ Ventspils 2 pamatskolas Stadium, Katolu iela 40.

Moved  1  mile inland from large Olympic Stadium  , Sporta iela 7/9.

F K Ventspils  have gone back to Olympic Stadium ,Sporta iela  7/9. (09/04/2019).

Gone back home  a round earlier than expected with the club slagging off the league with so many games on school artificial pitches  ! They appear to be happy to be the first to go back to a proper stadium.

Their words translated from their website –

”The Game will be held at the Central Stadium, the beginning-17:00. The real football Begins-Congratulations! For the second year in a row, the FKV starts on the green field before all Latvian clubs, and more so-before all in the Baltics! Serious football is not for “Schools “, serious football for football stadiums! ”

As always check games / kick offs / venues before you go. DONT rely on social media , its nice to talk.


Part 3.


Flag of Lithuania.svg

Ground allocations are only confirmed until R 13 on the 31st of May.

Unlike the other 2 countries mentioned in this thread Lithuania has a regular season and then splits into a Championship league section and relegation play offs.

F  K Atlantas  @  Klaipeda Artificial , Sportininku gatve 46  for first 4 home games beginning with R1 on 2nd 03 until R 10 on 14th  04 and then from R 12 on 12th 05 they go  to the main Central Stadium.

The grounds are next door to each other.

F K Kauno Zalgiris all home games @ National Football Academy Stadium , Aukstaiciu  gatve 51, Kaunas.

F K Palanga @ Klaipeda Artificial , Sportinku gatve 46 for first 3 home games between R 3 on 17th 03 and R 7 on 20th 04 and then for  R 8 on 27th 04 they return to Palanga to finish the season at Palanga Stadium , Sporto gatve 3 , Palanga.

Klaipeda and Palanga grounds are approx 18 miles apart.

Panevezys F K @ Zemyna Progynasium Stadium, Ramygalos gatve 99 , Panevezys  to begin season for 3 home games starting with R 2 on 9th 03 until R 7 on 19th 04 then they go to Aukstaitija Stadium , A Jaksto gatve 1 , Panevezys for remaining home games beginning with R 8 on 27th 04.

Grounds are about a mile and a half apart.

F K Riteriai (AKA Trakai) @ Sportima Arena Hall, Azuolyno gatve 5 , Vilnius for their first home game in R 2 on 11th 03 then for their 2nd home game on 2nd 04 in R 4 until the end of season they are at the Lithuania Football Federation Stadium ( LFF) , Liepkalnio gatve 13/2, Vilnius.

F C Stumbras all home games @ National Football Academy Stadium, Aukstaiciu gatve 51 , Kaunas.

F K Suduva @ Arvi Football Indoor Arena, Kauno gatve 125, Marijampole  to begin season on 3rd 03 with R 1 game then 2 further home games with the last in  R 6 being on 14th 04. From 4th home game in R 9 on 5th 05 until the end of the season they are next door at Arvi Stadium ( AKA Suduva Stadium).

Zalgiris VMFD Vilnius @ Sportima Arena Hall , Azuolyno gatve 5 , Vilnius for their first 2 home games R 1 on 3rd 03 and R3 on 15th 03 then to finish their home games they are at the Lithuania Football Federation Stadium ( LFF) , Liepkalnio gatve 13/2, Vilnius.

So 6 games played indoors (TBC) , 1 for FK Riteriai , 3 for FK Suduva and 2 for Zalgiris VMFD.

Once again please check with local sources before visiting any games.

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