In the beginning.

This was originally either the first or second post in April , but I went playing with things and it ended up here, hey ho .

” In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” In 1951 my mum and dad created the being forever known as Hod.

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Well here we go, this will be a thrill for all of you reading my ramblings , they will get progressively worse . Being not under the affluence of inkerhol anymore has led unfortunately to my rants / raves getting worse , please do not read if you are a wallflower.

I will put in words some of my odd trips / thoughts / plans etc regarding football some factual and some not so although I may delve into wine / women and song on occasions.

I decided on this course of action because the site I use and one up to a few years ago was good is nowadays going downhill. It got rid of a few wallflowers for the better of the site but now it’s who plays where , I’m in Mongolia on Sunday anyone know any fixtures , how do I get tickets for so and so game, do they issue . Try feckin looking.

And my main problem is people just taking , there are many on there who glean some marvelous information without giving anything back. Then we have the nimby pimby brigade , most left citing there were too many arguments on there , they still use the site for info. Parasites.

Is there a censor ( Leopold) on here ?

It will be about various topics , not just games visited , what is there to say about hopping ? The train was 4 minutes late , the train was 4 minutes early , this was the only game in Britain for a tick tonight , I’ve been 2960 games , yawn ,yawn feckin yawn. No one on here to tell me about my bad grammar , there really are some tossers sitting by their computers waiting a spelling  / grammar error , get a life.


Don’t you just get fed up of reading crap , I very rarely finish OR even start some peoples blogs / posts , rattling on about all and sundry , BORING . Be more interesting will you ,  get a sense of humour , you know who you are , but obviously it takes a lot to change the habits of a very humourless upbringing.

There will be NO childrens / school / yoof  / reserve/ womens / non competitive games mentioned.  NO mention of programmes.

Lots of thoughts about ground moves.

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